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Delivery Methods

1.Face to Face : Please login your game before checking out since most times the delivery happens right after checking out. Sometimes you might receive several partial deliveries. For WOW, The face to face meeting point is Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde). DO NOT give back the gold after trade under any circumstance, even if it is the same char that just traded with you.

2.Deliver by Auction House Buyout(only for wow gold order): Just list several(according to the amount of gold you are ordering) cheap items on the auction house, and make sure set the buyout price 10600G (Since the AH will take 5% fee, so you will get about 10000G after the fee cuts for every item.)and duration as 48hrs for each item. E.g., if you are making a 150000G order, just list 15 items. We will make delivery by buying out your items. Sometimes you might receive several partial deliveries. Make sure list the same auction item and make sure the item and char name you provide here are exactly correct (e.g., do not change Snowball to Snowballs or Snow Ball). Failing to find your auction items will lead to a pause of your order and you will have to contact us to resume the order.
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